"Charissa is one of the best in the biz.  Anyone who has ever filmed anything knows how important a producer is in the process.  She knows exactly how to bring out the “good” side of me which is always needed for the camera!" 

- Marc Forgione





Photo Credit: Evan Sung

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“Working with Charissa as my producer, I have never felt so informed, at peace, encouraged and thoroughly supported in my whole career. Charissa is engaging, communicates openly with everyone and never keeps you guessing. I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with her again and again!“

- Michelle Bernstein

Photo Credit: Michael Pisarri


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"Charissa's attention to detail was inspirational. Down to earth, kind and most gracious, she is a pleasure to work with."

- Nancy Fuller

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"It is an absolute joy to be able to work alongside Charissa.  She has a willingness to see the best in people and to harness that into the production.  I am proud to call her a great friend too."

- Pete Evans



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Nominated, Outstanding Directing in a Lifestyle/Culinary Program

Nominated, Outstanding Directing in a Lifestyle/Culinary Program

Nominated, Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Program

  • Trisha's Southern Kitchen

  • Sandra's Restaurant Remakes

  • Trisha's Southern Kitchen



Nominated, Outstanding Culinary Program

  • Emeril Green